Teach adults basic literacy and math skills, or English as a Second Language (ESL). Register for an Volunteer Informational Session for more information and to get started.


Trained tutors provide instruction for adults, 18 and up, seeking assistance with reading and math (below 9th grade reading level) or English as a Second Language. Through individualized plans students and tutors meet in public places in Onondaga County to work to achieve success at a speed that works for the student. Registration is required before a student is matched with a tutor.

Upcoming Virtual Volunteer Informational Sessions

Tutor FAQs

In order to establish the right relationship and learning environment, we ask that you tutor for a minimum of one (1) year. We hope your positive experience compels you to stay longer.

Tutor training takes place online and takes approximately 16 hours to complete.

There is no homework, but tutor trainees check in with LCNY staff several times during training.

Use of a computer is necessary to take part in tutor training. Once trained, tutors should have access to email to receive LCNY communications.

Approximately two (2) hours per week.

Your meeting location and time is flexible, but it must be at a public location (e.g., library, community center, or church). This is LiteracyCNY policy and there are no exceptions.

You will be matched based on logistics (time, availability, geographic location) and other preferences such as gender, skill level and so on.

Often friends or family refer students. Some find us through our website. All prospective students schedule an intake appointment and must meet minimal requirements for our services.

We have student waiting lists and need all kinds of tutors.

Everyone takes a vacation. We ask that you tell us as soon as your vacation is scheduled. If you have a regular (annual) vacation that lasts more than a month, please consider other LiteracyCNY volunteer opportunities. As for emergencies, we ask that you immediately call the office.