Digital Literacy Story: Ollie

Ollie originally sought out LiteracyCNY when he needed help with his smartphone. He heard about the free computer help at the Beauchamp Library where Lydia, the Digital Literacy Coordinator, and a volunteer figured out the problem with his smartphone. It was also when Ollie found out about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) through the Federal Trade Commission that could potentially reduce his internet bill.

Ollie uses the internet for information about staying healthy, exploring potential new hobbies, but mostly to stay connected to his sister on Facebook.

It was difficult for Ollie to afford internet services as financial barriers limited his ability to have access to the internet. However, Ollie received help signing up for the ACP and now gets free Wi-Fi through his provider. The internet has tons of information that Ollie can now look up immediately and with ease.

Ollie is also considering taking advantage of the instructional program that LiteracyCNY offers to improve his literacy skills. For the future, Ollie hopes to learn more about using his devices, finding information on the internet, and staying connected. He continues to work with Lydia to strengthen his digital literacy skills.

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