Digital Literacy Story: Sharon

Sharon receives computer skills help from Jamie, a LiteracyCNY Digital Literacy volunteer at the Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville. Working with Sharon is the first time Jamie volunteered to assist an individual and doing so since June of 2023. At times, Sharon needs help with accomplishing digital-related tasks and ordering online. Her retirement brings the joy of traveling and attending events.


Sharon was anxious to get a ticket to this September’s Syracuse International Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary event hosted by Alec Baldwin. Coincidentally, Alec is one of Sharon’s favorite actors. Knowing the event may sell out and need tickets fast, Sharon used her computer session with Jamie to place her order.


“If I have to go online to order items, it is often a very complicated process. I don’t own a printer, and sometimes it is overwhelming to make sure what I’m ordering is legit and what I want. I would not have been able to do this on my own. I usually prefer to order tickets by phone or box office,” said Sharon.


Jamie was able to help Sharon make sure she was buying tickets for the correct event and showed her how to print them out. Sharon’s experience working with Jamie was informative. She will use her new skills to help make appointments and to order future concert tickets.

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