MOVING MOMENT: Vic and Prosper

Anniversaries are special occasions to remember the time we have spent with someone or to reminisce about events from our past. One student and tutor pairing will be celebrating their one-year anniversary this February. Vic (tutor) and Prosper (student) started working together last year and have continued to work on reading, writing, and literacy skills.  

Vic is a trained LCNY tutor who helps Prosper with literacy skills. They are provided materials from LCNY such as the Journey to Success workbooks, but other supplementary materials are used such as nonfiction articles to apply literacy skills. Recently, the two have been reading an abridged version of To Build a Fire by Jack London to help Prosper apply figurative language, vocabulary, and recognition skills. 

Before coming to LCNY, Prosper came to the United States in 2015 from Central Africa Republic. He went to school for some time and then found a job to pursue. By 2022, Prosper decided to attend a school to help him prepare for the citizenship test. He passed the exam in December the same year! Afterwards, Prosper wanted to continue learning and asked his citizenship teacher where he could continue learning. His teacher recommended LCNY.

Prosper views the future as dreams waiting to become a reality. He notes that we never know what will happen in the future, but focusing on your dreams is what is important. Prosper called LCNY to set up an appointment so he could make his literacy dream a reality. Prosper was matched with his tutor, Vic, shortly afterwards. 

Vic found LCNY through their interest in volunteering at adult literacy programs and after some training, was ready to help students achieve their literacy goals. 

In late 2023, Vic and Prosper were featured on Spectrum News to share awareness of adult literacy and volunteering efforts. You can watch the segment HERE. 

“I’m so happy to be able to read it, to pronounce it” – Prosper 

With the help of LCNY and Vic, Prosper reports that he feels more comfortable with reading and writing in his everyday life. Dedication and persistence lead Prosper to feel less intimidated of learning literacy. Vic and Prosper continue to meet in-person and we wish the pair continued success in the name of literacy. 

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