Moving Moment: Victoria & Louise

Louise recently visited Victoria, a computer help volunteer at the Marcellus Free Library. Louise was interested in learning more about navigating computers and technology. She heard about LiteracyCNY’s Digital Literacy program through her local librarian who suggested that Louise bring topics she needed help with to her appointment. And so Louise did just that, she prepared some questions and brought her computer to the session.  

Louise was nervous about her first appointment, but her volunteer, Victoria, eased the nervousness, and the two worked through Louise’s questions one by one. Louise felt embarrassed for asking the same questions over and over, but Victoria noted that, “when it comes to learning technology, there are no silly questions!” Louise was grateful for Victoria’s patience as she would try things on her computer after seeing Victoria do it. 

“I think people need to keep learning, regardless of their age, and it’s helpful when you have someone patient and understanding working with you.”Louise

By the end of the appointment, Louise and Victoria successfully addressed all the questions and concerns that Louise had. The two worked through device management topics and acquiring some basic digital literacy skills. Louise took extensive notes during her session and has been practicing some of her new skills on her own. Louise was originally afraid of using a computer, but “she [Victoria] instilled confidence in me.” 

Louise encourages others to “go for it” and take advantage of this free program so that it can continue to help more individuals. 

Victoria commented, “Technology can be frustrating to navigate, there are questions that even us volunteers don’t know! But we will sit down with you to work through all of your questions with patience, kindness, and most importantly, with no judgments to find the answers you want. We are here for you, so please utilize this opportunity and reach out to the Digital Literacy Program so we can help you learn how to navigate technology in this ever-growing digital world.” 

Community members can register for an appointment with Victoria by calling (315) 673-3321 or registering HERE. Appointments are on Wednesdays from 12pm-3pm.

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