LiteracyCNY sat down and spoke with Daniel about his decision to volunteer his time to assist those in his community. Daniel is a digital literacy volunteer at the Kirkland Town Library in the Mohawk Valley Region (Oneida County). He is also multi-lingual and can work with Spanish-speaking patrons. 

Individuals can work with Daniel at the Kirkland Town Library on Mondays only from 1-4 p.m (English/Spanish Assistance). Other volunteers are available on Wednesdays from 10 a.m.-1 p.m (English Assistance Only).

Q&A with Daniel, LCNY Digital Literacy Volunteer

How did you hear about Digital Literacy? 

I am a retired Spanish teacher who recently moved to Clinton, NY. I was looking for local volunteer opportunities and learned about LiteracyCNY’s Digital Literacy Program through VolunteerMatch. 

What does “digital literacy” mean to you? 

It means people can accomplish various tasks, like applying for a job. For many jobs, the application process is online. Even dating, that is something else people are doing online now.”

What do you look forward to the most about volunteering with our Digital Literacy Program? 

“Meeting people you wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with.” 

Have you volunteered before? 

I have volunteered before and found it interesting that I can help people in ways I may not realize. Volunteering has helped me to understand myself better. I have useful skills, and there are things I can help individuals with that I didn’t realize.

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